Check boxes, find a relief program.

This website is not meant to replace a lawyer. It is designed to help you find relief programs.

I or a family member have been the victim of a crime committed in the US.

I have been the victim of abuse caused by a spouse, parent, lawful permanent resident.

I have been convicted of an aggravated felony.

Do either of these describe you?

You are under 18 years of age and have been abused by one of your parents.

You have a spouse, parent or adult child who is a green card holder (lawful permanent resident).

You have a spouse, parent or adult child who is a citizen.

You have a spouse, parent or child who is/was in the armed forces.

At least one of your parents was a US Citizen when you were born.

I fled my home country and am afraid of returning. OR I was seriously harmed in my home country because of my political beliefs, nationality, sexual identity or religions.

Being departed would cause extreme hardship to my immediate family members who are citizens or lawful permanent residents.

I have been continuously present in the US for 10 years or more and have been of good moral character.

None of the above apply to me.